pCloud In My Experience

Many of us know it’s always good to back up your docs and other important files to the cloud, so that you can quickly retrieve it back when you lose your laptop or your device encounters any big problem that the PC tech guy take almost a week to repair the issue.

So when it comes to cloud storage I tried pCloud, here are my views on this Swiss cloud provider. They offer free 20GB storage of your files and this seems more than enough for me as I am not saving any big media file in HD formats to cloud.

The sign up and account creation is straight forward, even a non techie can do that. Once you download their dedicated app for Windows 10 you can sync anything to cloud and its pretty fast too, here ISP speed 80mbps.

You can also set camera files in auto upload mode and for this you need either Android or iOS devices.

If you are uploading multiple version of the same file and you need to get a specific version this cloud storage service provider offers free 30 days file versioning. This feature is called “Rewind”.

You can also set some passwords for your files if you are sharing a file with many people.

The remote upload option provided is quite handy and you can download any files to your pCloud, for this all you need is to paste the link to remote upload box. Make sure the links are direct ones like domain.com/samplepic.jpg etc. If you like to move to premium plans, here are their pricings.

Something I don’t like about this provider

There is no Twitter or Google Plus sign in option, else I didn’t find any problem.


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